How to choose wedding band for your wedding party

Weddings are synonymous with the coming together of friends and family, bespoke venues, good food and wonderful music. You can never underestimate the value of having great entertainment at your wedding.

Here is your guide to choosing the perfect wedding band;

  1. Style – Each band has a particular style which they have honed over the years. Some are great at renditions, others are great at classical or jazz music while others choose to mix it up. Whatever your selection of music, find a band which can play songs in the genre or style you like. This will help narrow down the number of bands you would like and zero in on the few you would talk to and meet.
  2. Research – Go online to find which bands are available within your area and those that play in the style which suits you best. You may find a band you like but they are situated thousands of miles away. Don’t be discouraged though, reach out and talk to them, you may find their schedule would allow for them to play on your wedding date in your area.
  3. Availability – It is best to try find and book your ideal band early. This is because popular bands are booked well in advance or they may have a schedule to keep to so once you decide on the music theme for the evening, do your research, reach out and discuss the details with the band and book them as soon as possible.
  4. Music selection – Do you have a playlist for the evening and can the band play songs from the play list or at least compromise on a few to your liking? Or do they have a playlist which greatly appeals to you? Can the band play your first dance song and switch tempo, maybe from slow to upbeat? These are some of the questions you need to ask when discussing the music with the band so take your time and reach an agreement which works for both parties at a big asian wedding venue.
  5. Between sets – Find out whether the band can provide music between sets. The band needs to take breaks between sets so decide at what points they can take breaks, what music they will play at each point and find out what music they will provide during breaks to ensure seamless entertainment.
  6. Price – Price is an important factor so find out how much the band costs and whether it is within your budget.


Finding a great wedding band sets the pace and tempo for your wedding so be sure to choose a band which suits your music style and budget too. For more information, visit