How to Maximize Productivity with Food

Good-foodThe food we eat contributes immensely to our productivity. Certain foods may be positive while others work negatively on your productivity. Without proper consumption of food, we cannot survive and be who we are. Human beings should always stay active at least 10 hours a day. This is to make the body system active. More so, there are different types of foods you can eat to increase your productivity;

  • Berries; berries have an antioxidant that has the capability of reducing stress and function as an anti inflammatory agent. When the berries are eaten with walnuts or even avocado, they keep the cells membrane flexible from a masterchef catering
  • Bananas; they are fruits which are known to hold the amount of glucose needed by your brain. Start a day by eating a banana since it will keep your mind sharp and fully functioning.
  • Eggs; eggs contain vitamin B which enhances memory. It sharpens your brain’s reaction time.
  • Salmon; salmon has fatty acids needed by the human brain. Eating it supplies your body with strength and boosts your productivity rate.
  • Eggplant; its nutrients keep your brain sharp and improve the communication between the brain cells and the messenger molecules. Take advantage of this benefit and use the eggplant in as many ways as possible for corporate meeting catering
  • Spinach; this vegetable slows down age related brain declines. It improves learning capacity and boosts memory. It also helps reduce toxins that damage the brain cells.
  • Whole grain foods; these cereals contain a higher percentages of foliate. Folate boosts blood flow to the brain and keeps it working at peak levels. This is an important aspect to your productivity levels.
  • Walnuts; they help in the brain productivity by controlling your mood and appetite as well.


Healthy foods contribute to a productive human body. Eat nothing but productive meals for a healthy brain.

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